Matlab Program for Quadratic Interpolation

“Quadratic Interpolation” program in  MATLAB for one-dimensional minimization. Program is a generalized one and takes objective function as user input in terms of standard MATLAB function, e.g. for minimization of f(x)= 3×2-8x+2, user will enter ‘3*x^2-8*x+2’. For theoretical understanding of Quadratic Interpolation you can follow: Linear and quadratic interpolation The inputs to the program are as follows: … More Matlab Program for Quadratic Interpolation

A simple and gentle tutorial on Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) dimension part 2 of 2

In the part 2 of this  short video tutorial, some aspects of Vapnik Chervonenkis dimensions such as concept of “shattering” and “points in general position” have been discussed. Standard definition of VC dimension is also being discussed. I hope this video tutorial helps you in understanding deeper concepts of machine learning. Thanks for watching. Related … More A simple and gentle tutorial on Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) dimension part 2 of 2

A simple and gentle tutorial on Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension part 1 of 2

In this short video tutorial, I have tried to introduced Vapnik-Chervonenkis (VC) dimension in a simple and uncomplicated manner. VC Dimension is an important concept in statistical learning theory and machine learning as it provides insight into the learning mechanism of a machine. I hope this video tutorial helps you in understanding deeper concepts of … More A simple and gentle tutorial on Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension part 1 of 2

Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-III

In the second post Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-II  , I discussed about margin maximization, support planes and support vectors. Lets have a quick recap: In a basic sense SVM is a two class classifier. it learns from the data lying in support planes. Data lying on support planes are called support vectors. Support Vector Machine … More Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-III

Benchmark Tests for Evolutionary Algorithms

If you are a researcher, Professional developer or a student developing Optimization or search algorithms, first thing crosses  your mind is how well my algorithm is going to work? How it compares against standard search and optimization algorithms? Are there any standard tests available where I can compare and test my algorithm on the scale … More Benchmark Tests for Evolutionary Algorithms

Towards Convergence of Evolutionary Algorithms

Finally A good news in the field of convergence analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms. As we all know till now no concrete Mathematical convergence proof of any evolutionary algorithm, be it Genetic Algorithms, Particle Swarm Optimization or Ant Colony Optimization was available in the literature. Although all these search and optimization algorithms have proven their effectiveness … More Towards Convergence of Evolutionary Algorithms

Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-II

Hi, In the last post Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-I , I talked about basic building blocks of support vector machines (SVM), lets just recap some important points: equation of  n-dimensional hyperplane can be written asWT X  =C, where  W=[w1,w2,…….wn] and X=[X1,X2,……Xn] hyperplane separates the space into two half spaces (positive half space and negative half space). A … More Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-II

Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-I

Hi, Today I am going to discuss about Support Vector machine (SVM). I will try to make it very simple so if you are a beginner to Artificial Intelligence or in particular Support Vector machine (SVM) this can be your beginner’s guide from where you can kick start further knowledge building. Prerequisites to understand this … More Support Vector Machines (SVM) Fundamentals Part-I

Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In the last post I talked about Basics of Artificial Intelligence In this post I will discuss about branches of Artificial Intelligence. As AI is continuously evolving it is very difficult to classify branches of Artificial Intelligence and the problem aggravates due to the fact that many branches of AI are overlapping in nature. … More Branches of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals. Hi, In the series of artificial intelligence, machine learning and evolutionary computing this is my first post. this post describes motivation and basics behind artificial intelligence in a simple manner. In upcoming posts I will elaborate concepts of artificial intelligence, its branches i.e. Artificial Neural networks, Fuzzy Systems  and … More Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Fundamentals